A Life In Pictures

OK, obviously I suck at blogging :-)  So I’m trying something new.  I’ve created a new blog (yeah, that’s right!  I can’t maintain one so I’ve gotten two!) that is specifically a photoblog.  I don’t have to say anything!  No pressure!

So, maybe I can tell the story of our life in pictures?  We’ll see.  I’m leaving this space here…I’m not giving up yet.  My mojo has to be out there somewhere…I just have to find it.  Until then, please visit Life’s Little Adventures {Photos Only} for (hopefully) regular updates.

I love you guys.  I really do!

Team-Up Thursday

Stacy and I are participating in Team Up Thursday over at Mental Inventory again.  This week the theme was self-portraits.  A special challenge for me, as I NEVER EVER like photos of myself.  I cheated and included my kids :-)  And Stacy, of course, with her cool funky fashion and gorgeous self, took a marvelous portrait of herself.  See?

Still Around


Just not back in the groove yet.  Sorry :-(

Thought I’d share this photo that the kids and I took of ourselves a week or so ago.  It was a pretty snow, huh?

Team-Up Thursday

This week the fabulous Stacy and I decided to participate in Team-Up Thursday over at Mental Inventory.  The deal is, the two of us get together and decide on a theme.  Then we each take a photograph that is our interpretation of said theme.  We share with each other, slap them together in a diptych, and then share with you.

I’ve long been an admirer of Stacy’s photography, and I’m thrilled that she wanted (well, agreed, anyway :-) ) to partner with me.  Thanks, Stacy!

Together we decided on the theme of Snow.  Or maybe it was cold?  Or Winter?  Ha!  I’m not really sure!  But, here is what we came up with for, let’s say, snow.  Stacy’s photo on top, mine on the bottom.  Enjoy, and please, if you have a moment, check out some of the other fabulous diptychs submitted.  These are some talented folks!

Protected: Randomness

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Needed: Detailed Answers


The following is a list of random questions that the kids have asked me in the past few weeks.  I did answer all of them, but the majority of the questions were not answered to their satisfaction.  My kids like details, lots of details.  Help.

  • What does desperate mean?  What is a housewife?  How can a housewife be desperate?  What would she be desperate to have?
  • How does your stomach digest food?  Why does it have to use acid?  Would the acid burn my finger if I touched it?
  • How can I call 1-88-TITLEMAX if the phone only has numbers?  So the letters stand for numbers?  Why?
  • Why can’t I use the letters on the house phone to text your cell phone?
  • How does a text message get from one phone to the other?
  • How does a tv picture get into your house?  How about music on the radio?  How can it follow along while you’re driving the car?
  • How long does it take for a person to turn to dust after they die?  What’s embalming?  Why do you have to do that?
  • What does sexy mean?  How come you keep telling me things are “grown-up” things?
  • Why can’t you have us a baby sister?  We want a baby sister.  Why can’t daddy make babies anymore?  What’s a vasectomy?
  • How come dogs can’t live as long as people?  And why can’t they talk?
  • In Africa, what language do they speak?  Why don’t African-Americans speak those languages?  Why don’t Africans speak English?  How come everybody wants to live in America?
  • Why are bananas yellow?
  • Is Clifford the Big Red Dog based on a real-life giant dog?  How come dogs can’t get that big?

And those are just a few of the millions of questions that I attempt to answer on a daily basis.


Just a few photos today

Dixie is a pest

Storm Remnants




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